My Name is Bilal



Author: Asma Mobin-Uddin

Publishers: Boyd Mills Press, U.S.A.

Description:  Bilal worries about being teased by his friends and decides he does not want them to know he is Muslim. His teacher helps him become proud of his name and identity.


Details: Hardcover, 32 pages. Published in 2005

Troublesome Eid Jinn



Author: Fawzia Gilani

Publishers: Ta-Ha Publishers

Description: Nurullah decides to make a bargain with the Jinn who keeps soiling the Eid festivities of a local village.


Details: Paperback, 22 pages, First published in October 2005

Potential Discussion Theme: Eid

The Librarian of Basra: A True story from Iraq



Author: Jeanette Winter

Publishers: HMH Books for young readers

Description: A librarian struggles to save her library’s collection of books. The books shows love of books and respect for knowledge.


Details: Hardcover, 32 pages, First published in December, 2004

Potential Discussion Theme: Love of books

The Roses in my carpet



Author: Rukhsana Khan

Publishers: Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Description: A young Afghani refugee finds comfort in the carpets he weaves. He uses it to earn, as well as bring colour and beauty to his life.


Details: Paperback, 32 pages, First published in September 2004

Potential Discussion Theme: Seeking beauty in difficult times

My name was Hussein



Author: Hristo Kyuchukov

Publishers: Boyds Mills Press

Description: A Muslim boy and his family are forced to change their name when an army invaded their village. The book describes traditions that take place in a Muslim home and how everything changed after the invasion. A realistic fiction book.


Details: Hardcover, 32 pages, First published in March 2004
Potential Discussion Theme: Self-identity

The Carpet Boy’s Gift



Author: Pegi Deitz Shea

Publishers: Tilbury House

Description: The story of Nadeem, a child labourer in a rug factory in Pakistan and his struggle to fight for freedom. A useful book to bring up the issue of child labour around the world.


Details: Hardcover, 40 pages, First published in November 2003

Potential Discussion Theme: Fighting for your rights

The Color of Home



Author: Mary Hoffman

Publishers: Frances Lincoln

Description: Hassan adjusts to a new life in England after fleeing Somalia. The story shows his feelings through the colours he uses to draw.


Details: Paperback, 32 pages, First published in October 2003

Potential Discussion Theme: Change and adjustment

Sami and the Time of the Troubles



Author: Florence Parry Heide, Judith Heide Gilliland

Publishers: HMH Books for young readers

Description: Sami longs for peace in war torn Beirut. The book shows the effect of war on the human spirit.


Details: Paperback, 40 pages, First published in August 2003

Potential Discussion Theme: Peace and War