King of the Skies



Author: Rukhsana Khan

Publishers: North Winds Press

Description: A boy who cannot walk or run flies his kite from the top of his roof and competes with the other kites on the day of Basunt - the first day of Spring.


Details: Hardcover, 32 pages, First published in October 2001

Potential Discussion Theme: Hope and determination

The House of Wisdom



Author: Florence Parry Heide, Judith Heide Gilliland

Publishers: DK Children

Description: Set in 9th century Baghdad, young Ishaq discovers the value and excitement of scholarship in the famous House of Wisdom.


Details: Hardcover, 48 pages, First published in September 1999

Potential Discussion Theme: Learning, Islamic History

The Hundredth Name



Author: Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

Publishers: Boyds Mills Press

Description: The story of a bond between a boy and his camel. Salah prays that his camel may learn the hundredth name of God and get confidence through it.


Details: Paperback, 32 pages, First published in September 1997

Potential Discussion Theme: Love for animals

Sitti’s Secrets



Author: Naomi Shihab Nye

Publishers: Aladdin Picture Books, U.S.A.

Description:  An American girl visits her grandmother in the Middle east and relaizes they do not need words to understand each other.


Details: Paperback, 32 pages. Published in 1997

Day of Ahmed’s Secret



Author: Florence Perry Heide

Publishers: HarperCollins, U.S.A.

Description:  Ahmed keeps his secret to himself all day long as he goes all over Cairo. Only when he gets home does he reveal it to his family.


Details: Paperback, 32 pages. Published in 1995