My Dad’s Beard



Author: Zainab Mian

Publishers: Sweet Apple Publishers

Description:  A little boy’s love for his father and his amusing thoughts about his father’s beard.


Details: Paperback, 35 pages, 2014

Hassan and Aneesa go to Madrasah



Author: Yasmeen Rahim

Publishers: Islamic Foundation, U.K.

Description:  Hassan and Aneesa go to the Madrasah for the first time to learn about Islam and make new friends.


Details: Paperback, 28 pages, 2016

The Night Prayer


Author: S.A. Tulloch, Illustrator: Haider Basravi

Description: A young boy’s quest to discover the meaning of the night prayers, and in the process creates a special bond between him and his grandfather, who prays at night, and allows the young boy to discover his own importance. A beautiful book that puts love of prayer in the hearts of children.