From Medina to Karbala - In the words of Imam al Husayn

Author: Ayatollah Muhammad Sadiq Naomifrommedinatokarbala

Publishers: Sun Behind the Clouds Publications of UK

Description:  A compilation of the words of Imam Husayn (a), beginning from the meeting in Medina where he was asked to give allegiance to Yazid, unto his last words on the Day of Ashura. The book includes his speeches, conversations and letters. Imam's words are inspiring and purposeful. They explain his mission, convey the aims of his uprising, and reason with sound logic and strong faith.

The book is divided into three parts; Imam's words while in Medina, in Mecca, and his words in Karbala. Each chapter includes the original Arabic text of Imam's words, the English translation, and a commentary on the context and conclusive meaning derived from the words. The notes at the end of the chapter give references and details of personalities or events mentioned in Imam's words.

An authentic and informative read for those who wish to know about Karbala from Imam Husayn (a) himself. An excellent addition to the library of reliable books on Karbala.

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