What Do You Do With A Problem?

Author: Kobi Yamada


Publisher: Compendium Inc

Assigned Reading Age: 3-9

Subjects: Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance

Loving illustrations of a young boy who starts out with a teeny tiny - but persistent - problem that just grows bigger and bigger. The “problem” is illustrated as a small black cloud above his head but the more he ignores it or tries to hide away from it the bigger it gets all the while playing with his moods and emotions. In the end he discovers that the only way around this problem really is to face it and tackle it. When he eventually does this, he realizes that the problem is actually not as bad as his mind had made it out to be and from then on decides to tackle problems assertively. He learns that problems can be beautiful and can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

What we can learn from this book is that nothing is achieved by turning our back on problems or issues we are constantly faced with. Rather we should muster up our courage to face them and then they might even turn out to be something totally different from what we expected it to be. We may end up learning something along the way. As the author says, problems have a way of challenging and changing us in unexpected ways.