The Hidden Life of Trees

What they feel, how they communicate - Discoveries from a secret world

Author: Peter Wohlleben


Publisher: Greystone Books

Subjects: Nature, Educational

A beautiful book about what really goes on in the life of tree. Written by a German forester who spent years working with trees, the book shows how close tree life is to human life. How tree 'parents' protect their young from growing too fast, support them as they grow, share nutrients with the needy trees and co-operate with one another to ward off danger.

The signs of Allah are everywhere. Almighty Allah says, 'Soon We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth' (41:53). This book is an amazing revelation of just how many signs there are in the Universe and how oblivious we are of them.

Trees have a closely connected social life. Every tree is valuable to the community and all are connected through their root systems. They help each other but also struggle to survive themselves. Each want to create more space for itself and to optimize its performance. Trees pair up with fungi to form what the author calls a 'wood wide web'. Trees communicate through scent. Danger is transmitted through the release of scent compounds so other trees are warned.

The book is full of insights about trees, in a way that we may never have thought about trees. It may seem to find too many similarities between trees and human beings, and uses words that seem strange to use for trees. But the author backs up his points with a lot of scientific research.

Although the book gives a lot of details about trees that only intense tree lovers would appreciate, overall it is an amazing read. Changes the way one thinks about the forest. There is much more going on in every created species than we ever imagined. Glory be to Allah, the Best of Creators.