The Language of Tears

Author: Bridget Blomfield

Language of Tears

Publisher: White Cloud Press

Assigned Reading Age: Ages 16 +

Subjects: Shiism, Women, Cultures (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan/India)

The book is about an American Academic who chooses to complete her PhD thesis on Shia Women. She embeds herself into the lives of the Iranian, Iraqi and Pakistani communities in Southern California. In the process, she learns to appreciate the rituals and beliefs of Shia Women and the strength of their conviction.

The most striking feature of Blomfield’s writing is her sincerity. She narrates intimate details of her conversations with Shia Women, young and old alike. In doing so, she makes the reader feel that they can relate to the joys and challenges faced by these women. Her ability to empathise and appreciate the other is a needed antidote to the public perception today of Muslim Women and particularly of women in Iran or the Shia World.