The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Author: Michael A. Singer

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

Assigned Reading Age: Adult

The Untethered Soul

Subjects: Self-help/Transformation

The Untethered Soul is the beginning of a truly unique journey into our inner selves. In an attempt to find and explore the true “self,” it begins with introducing us to our innermost thoughts and how these affect our inner energies and experiences of the world.

It sheds particular light on certain repetitive mental patterns that have formed within us based on past experiences and how these can function to limit both our consciousness and our ability to experience life at its highest level. After bringing awareness to these habits, Singer teaches the reader, through the use of mindful practices how to break these damaging habitual patterns and demonstrates a life that can be lived fully in the present.

This book is particularly noteworthy as it explains these complex and deep concepts in a beautifully simplistic way. For such a fantastic and game-changing book, it is quite thin, as Singer explains concepts in a very efficient and simple manner.

Further, it brings a great awareness to the “voice inside your head” and how our own inner thoughts of what is happening outside of us is tainting the image of what is really happening. In an attempt to make us feel safe, the mind filters the world through these thoughts that have formed over our lives, but in effect we are actually not seeing and experiencing the world for what it truly is. When the realization dawns upon you, that these thoughts are not only hurting you but can be stopped, there is a profound empowerment that follows.

The book helps you understand how our reactions to the world are often on autopilot and sometimes work to block off the flow of love and energy into our lives. We have built defences and walls to “protect” ourselves but as a consequence we are often caging ourselves in through these processes. We are proceeding through life with “closed hearts.” However, in essence, we are free beings and have the ability to be free if we are ready to let go of these habitual patterns and embrace life for what it really is.