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Books have been described by Imam Ali (a) as a garden for the learned. Books allow human minds to broaden and expand, and are useful companions in the journey of the human soul. Reading good books inspires the mind, and helps it achieve nobility and virtue.

Tayyiba Publishers started in 1996 with the aim of promoting spirituality and an appreciation for Islam through the publication of good books. To date several books of supplication for special occasions of the Islamic year have been published. Although available from other sources, Tayyiba dua books make these supplications accessible and presentable for today’s times. Clear instructions and simple translations, along with reliability of resources make the books very popular.Tayyiba Publishers has also published workbooks for children, and has begun story books for children with the goal of helping children understand and learn about Islam in a positive and fun manner.We also promote good books through recommended book lists and book reviews. Together we hope to spread the true, natural message of Islam to the coming generations.

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