Abu Dhar at the grave of his son

Abu Dhar al-Ghifari, the noble companion of the Messenger of God (s), whose heart overflowed with faith and sincere devotion to God, was troubled after the death of his son. It was not grief at his death which troubled him, but anxiety over his fate and uncertainty whether he had truly joined the ranks of the blessed or been given a place among the damned. Coming to his son’s grave full of this painful anxiety, he placed his hand on the grave and said: “O son, may God embrace you in His infinite mercy! While you were in this world you treated me well, and now that you have left this world, I declare myself well pleased with you. I swear by God that your death has not caused me any grief or distress, for I have no need of any but God. Were it not for the question of the Hereafter and an eternal abode, I would be content to be in your place. It is anxiety over your fate for all eternity in the Hereafter that prevents me from mourning your death. I swear to God that I am weeping not out of sorrow at your death, but because of the stages you must now traverse in the Hereafter. Would that I knew what you have said and what you have been told after your death!” He then turned toward God and addressed him as follows: “O God I absolve him from whatever obligations to me as his father that You had placed upon him. So absolve him too from whatever obligations towards Yourself You had placed upon him. Such generosity becomes You better than it becomes me. Source: Resurrection. Judgement and the Hereafter, Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari, pg.158