Ahadith on Death

The coming out of a believer from the world is just like the coming out of a child from the womb of the mother; from that darkness and confinement to the spacious world. Holy Prophet (s) Surely the angel of death stands besides a believer at the time of his death like a humble slave. He and his companions do not approach him (the dying person) until they begin with Salaam and give him the good tidings of Heaven. Holy Prophet (s) When death is near, the angel of death gives three types of tidings to the dying person according to his actions (during his lifetime). These are: a) The person who has done good deeds is informed of good news of Paradise, that he is our friend, and a man of action. b) The evildoer is informed of Hell, that he is our enemy and irreligious. c) The person who has done both kinds of deeds, is not given certain news. Such a person of faith will certainly be punished, but will not remain in Hell forever like our enemies. Imam Ali (a) For the faithful, death is the cause of rejoicing, because it relieves him from all worldly miseries and troubles, and takes him to a place of great peace and comfort. There he will receive all the bounties of Allah. In contrast, it [death] brings bad news for the non-believers. Imam Hasan (a) On the battlefield of Karbala, when troubles and tribulations for Imam Husayn (a) and his faithful companions had reached an unbearable point, Imam (a) was very calm and unperturbed. Some of the companions remarked to the others, “Look at the Imam, he is not worried at all about death.” Hearing this, Imam (a) addressed his companions as follows: O the descendants of nobles! Have patience! Death is nothing but a bridge. . . Which one of you would hate to be transferred from a prison to a grand palace? … Death is the bridge leading the faithful to Paradise and the infidel to Hell. I do not speak a falsehood, nor have I been told a falsehood. The death of a faithful believer may be described as if he has cast off his dirty garments and put on clean and tidy ones. For the faithful death is like his being released from a dark and stuffy dungeon and entering a spacious and fertile garden. Imam Zaynul Abidin (a) For the believers death is like a sweet fragrance which bestows freshness and delight upon him, and removes all worldly vexation and worries. Imam as-Sadiq (a)