To prepare for marriage does not mean only to prepare for the ceremony of marriage. It means to be ready to face the new life that marriage will bring, to be informed and aware of the changes that will occur in life and be equipped to deal with them. Many young people entering marriage have idealistic expectations. They believe it will be similar to the romances they have read, or the shows they have watched. Reality is quite different. Marriage is a giant step forward in the progress of human life. The child is transformed into an adult, with all the responsibilities and duties that married life brings. It is also the beginning of what could become a very satisfactory and fulfilling life. Marriage helps one transcend from the restrictive world of one’s own selfish ego, to becoming a real friend and well-wisher of another. Both partners have the desire to create a home where there is love and happiness, and both will have to contribute towards that. There is great power in unity. The modern desire to be alone and independent brings along with it a lot of loneliness and despair. Careers, material wealth and success outside the home are all shallow substitutes for the deep joy that a happy family life can provide. In recent years marriages have undergone unprecedented changes. Attitudes towards the roles of men and women have been transformed, and along with it the roles of husband and wives. The world today is notably different from that of previous generations and many of us have hurled ourselves unsuspectingly into this rapidly changing trend. Muslim families need to know how to make the transition, the transition that will lead them into the new millennium without risking their vales and principles as Muslims. They need to learn how to make their marriages and their families even stronger than before, so that the onslaught of modernism does not shatter them. The tensions of modern life can strain a marriage. Even with the best of intentions a married couple has to strive to keep their marriage happy. After the initial excitement and novelty wears off, many couples run into problems. To avoid unhappiness in marriage, the couple must learn problem solving tactics as well as methods of enhancing their married life. The lessons in this book are an attempt to help a Muslim couple do that. It is hoped that young Muslims will benefit from the wisdom that Islam has to offer to those who seek a happy life here and Hereafter.