Tayyiba Books

Du’a Books

All Dua books published by Tayyiba Publishers have been compiled from reliable sources such as Mafatihul Jinan by Shaykh Abbas Qummi, Iqbal al-‘Amal by Sayyid Ibn Tawus, and others. The books include the significance of the special occasions, clear instructions on the methods of supplication, easy to read Arabic text and simple English translation. The books are useful for adults and children alike.

Islamic Workbooks

The Islamic workbooks are designed to help children learn more about Islam in a creative and interesting manner. The books contain imaginative and interesting activities and illustrations to attract the attention of young children. Each book contains 30 fun activities on the topic. Activities include crosswords, wordsearches, short stories with questions, puzzles etc. Parents and teachers will find such books useful in teaching today’s children about Islamic beliefs and practices.

Tayyiba Publishers does not sell these books. Please contact the bookseller in the links

Useful Resources for Adults